Brian & Paige's Boca Bay Pass Club Wedding

Brian & Paige’s Wedding was a breezy, late spring affair, with over
one hundred friends traveling from the midwest to celebrate with them out on
the sleepy island community of Boca Grande.

With startlingly blue waters and impeccably tasteful architecture, Boca Grande has quitely made a name as a destination for a particular sort of well heeled and mild mannered vacationer. Henry Flagler essentially put the island on the map, building a section of his famous railway to it. (Rumour has it the famous rogue Jose Gaspar was known to hide out on the island in wilder days.) Constructed in 1913, Gasparilla Inn served as a hub for wealthy northeasterners escaping the winter snows, and likely it was on one such visit Flagler decided a railway line simply had to be built to the island. Passing over the decidedly modern bridge in present day, the remains of that rail line stand to this day, now mostly serving as tempting fishing spots for local gentleman anglers.

Brian & Paige were the kind of couple you always hope to have as a wedding photographer. Utterly in love with endless amounts of patience and kindess for each other and everyone around them. Both got ready in a family beachside residence, and we had a merry time hiding them Paige from Bryan. Paige’s getting ready room was a hubub of excited sqeaks and cooing mumurs, while Brian’s was filled with hearty slaps on the back and sonorous yet lighthearted benedictions of goodwill.

Amethyst Boca Bay Pass Club Wedding 027.jpg
Amethyst Boca Bay Pass Club Wedding 030.jpg

Their ceremony site was Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church on Boca Grande. It was designed in a classical Italian Renaissance style by the same architect of the Viscaya Mansion in Miami. The Architect, a gentleman named F Burrell Hoffman, was a frequent visitor to the island, having designed four homes in the surrounding area while in company of an old Harvard friend. This little chapel has so much of the character of the island within its tastefully simple walls, and the Reverend Carosella gave a stirring yet down to earth mass entirely fitting to the balmy surroundings.

Amethyst Boca Bay Pass Club Wedding 050.jpg

Can we point out the adorably tiny electric car they rented for their exit?

Boca Grande Wedding Exit
Amethyst Boca Grande Bayan Street Wedding 074.jpg

It has been said that no trip to Boca Grande is complete
without a walk down Banyan Street.

More couples that are exceptional dancers, please! The sailcloth tent at the Pass Club and sea breeze coming off the Gulf kept things cool as they danced to swirling Jazz and roaring applause.

We took Paige and Brian out for a second set of portraits around sunset, and shortly thereafter Paige broke down as she reflected on the day. Watching Brian hold her about made us cry too. These two were wonderful.

Amethyst Boca Bay Pass Club Wedding 133.jpg
Amethyst Boca Bay Pass Club Wedding 137.jpg
Boca Grande Beach Wedding 148.jpg
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Toasts are one of those parts of the day that never ceases to amaze us. Getting to see the people a couple is closest to in the world be so publicly and openly pouring out their love makes this job immeasurably better.

Brian’s brother was hysterical. Seriously. Difficult to take photos because we were laughing so hard levels of funny. He gave the best man speech to end all best man speeches. Future best men of the world, take notice, this guy set a new standard!

Amethyst Boca Bay Pass Club Wedding 159.jpg

So so thankful to have been able to witness and capture this day! If you or someone you love are thinking about getting married on Boca Grande, we’d heartily recommend it! Every time we come here we fall in love a little more. (Also, get in touch if you would like photos like this, we’re available for weddings at Gasparilla Inn, Boca Bay Pass Club, and all the other major wedding venues on Boca Grande!).

Thanks so much to Brian and Paige for bringing us out, and the lovely staff of Boca Bay Pass Club for crafting such a remarkable reception!